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  1. Artuurs on 21 September 2014 at 17:30 said:

    Iggy, i realy realy realy love your game Deadly 30, i love everything about it, the characthers(The russian is just the best, esspecialy with the german), the cutscenes(i wish there were more, their too funny), the guns (most of them), the dialoge, voices, hot shooting action, base building, scavenging and resource collecting, multiple zombie types, even the funny big red one whos a funny joke but at the same time a serious deadly treath(wish there were more zombies, wish the crows werent included), the music is fine, more varietion would have been nice. Game was short, didnt offer nothing big and unique but its incredibly addictive and very lovable. For the love of god, please make a sequel or more amazing games with your great funny animator partner friend! #Deadly 40!

    • Hi Artuurs! It sure would be nice to remaster the game with everything I’m capable of doing now. Multiplayer, Awesome performance, cool effects with shaders. And it’s true, there is some real charm to the game. 🙂 However there are many other factors we have to consider. Like for example it’s needless to say that zombies have turned into a cliche theme. It would be nice to work with a more creative theme/narrative. The other thing is that my artist (Gonzo) isn’t all that enthusiastic about working on another game. But again we’ll have to see about a #Deadly40 😛 Thanks for everything man 😀

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